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Website design services in India considers typography as one of the phenomenal factors which appeal to the visual beauty of your website. Typographies are considered to be the basics of website designs. Though being a trivial factor that is often ignored by designers, it plays a crucial role. Typographies act as a medium to convey the message your website represents for your brand.

Typographies are used to deliver a brand tone that helps the visitor feel they are part of a community. There is generic typography for different types of brands. Hence adhering to such details will make the website look good and maintain the traffic.

Choosing typography that suits better for a brand selling and manufacturing sports products will not be good enough for a brand’s website dealing with pieces of jewelry! This is the reason why we prefer to get the perfect typography as much as we can. They not only help us to make our website look good or send out a brand message.

They do not hold the traffic for a little while longer. Typographies make our website look good which compels the visitors to hang around the site for a little while longer! Website design services in India say the longer a batch of traffic stays the higher a website ranks.

This blog is all about the tips you can follow to get the perfect typography for your website. Read more to find out what they are –

Uniform Use of Fonts

A website will look good if there is a uniform use of fonts. Website design companies in India knows the trouble of choosing the right one. There are fonts of distinctive shapes and styles after all! A website will look better when a single font style is used. Maintaining a uniform font will keep the degree of professionalism always high.

Adhere to the Font Spacing

Website design services in India will keep you from making the mistake of adding extra spaces in between the fonts. These spaces make the size of a text look a lot bigger. Visual illustrations and videos are more accepted than written content! Making the texts look good and crispy is a major accomplishment. To get the touch of this professionalism in a font following the one word, one space rule is an ideal choice.

Avoid Using All Caps

The use of caps on every alphabet signifies you are shouting while trying to communicate a message. Texts for your website in all caps will do the same. Using all caps will rate your content as unprofessional. This will not only give poor rankings but the negative comments will show the search engine your website is not flawless. This can cause big trouble which goes as far as to complete eradication of the website.

We hope these tips will help you choose the right typography for your website. Consult a professional website design service in India for more tips and guidance on how to choose the right typography for your website!

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