Buta Singh

Director Technical Solutions

Buta Singh is a qualified technical professional. He has attained a bachelor’s degree in technology management from one of the best colleges in India.

His roles and responsibilities within IOT are defined by the following:-

  • Responsible for building strategies for clients
  • Working towards effective implementation of new strategies
  • Achieve the target set by clients in terms of SEO
  • Handling the entire division of Search Engine Optimization
  • Keeping an eye on daily operations of technical division
  • Monitoring the work of technical staff members that are responsible for web designing and development
  • Ensuring that a workable web solution is delivered to the client which is complete in all respects
  • Working in close coordination with web development team to ensure that successful designing and implementation of e-commerce web solutions is carried out
  • Ensuring effective implementation of search engine algorithms
  • Exploring the expertise of knowledge and analytical skills to the maximum
  • Offering step by step guidance to the web designing staff in terms of understanding the clients requirements

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